Megaprojects has been established in 2009, by a team of experts in European Commission co-funded Projects, Greek National Investment Programmes, Business Development and Digital Marketing. Although the company is relatively new, its personnel have experience in multinational consortium complex projects since the dawn of the year 2000. The cooperation in multinational projects has given us the opportunity to create a vast network of contacts in many economic sectors and work with a variety of company types and sizes. This has led to the transformation of Megaprojects into a management consultancy and corporate advisory firm, servicing many leading European and multinational companies, universities and organisations.

Megaprojects’ vision comes down to three words: Increasing SMEs "Connectibility". We strongly believe that the simplest yet most precious step for an SME, in any country, is increasing its ability to connect with other local and international SMEs and organisations. Megaprojects constantly provides Greek SMEs with an international network of investors, partners, institutions, universities and big organisations and help them grow according to their real needs and market expectations. Our scope is to capture the full value of opportunities in the Greek, European and International markets. By focusing on the key drivers of good and bad performance, we help our clients achieve pragmatic value enhancements from their own operating assets.